Why An Analyst Says Ethereum Has At Least 1 Month of Bullish Fuel

Against Bitcoin, Ethereum has been embroiled in a brutal bear market for the past two years. There was a point when one ETH was worth in excess of 0.1 BTC, but those days have long passed. Now, Ethereum trades for under 0.03 BTC — a far cry from its all-time highs. But multiple analysts say […]

The Signal That Preceded 2019’s Bitcoin Correction Is About to Return

Somehow, Bitcoin’s price action has become even tighter over the past days than it has been over the past two months. If you zoom out and look at BTC’s macro chart, it may seem like the asset has flatlined. Yet a cryptocurrency trader is starting to fear that one final correction is in the works. […]

Ripple’s (XRP) Could Surge Above $0.21 As Crucial Bullish Pattern Emerges

Ripple is still trading above the $0.1920 support zone against the US Dollar. XRP price seems to be following a bullish flag pattern and it could rally above $0.2100. Ripple price is showing positive signs above the $0.1920 and $0.1900 support levels against the US dollar. The price is trading near the $0.2000 resistance, but […]

New Crypterium Card VISA Edition to Enhance the Crypto Spending Experience

Crypterium, a well-known cryptocurrency company and winner of the KPMG Fintech startup award has announced the launch of its new Crypterium Card VISA Edition. The latest card will be an alternative to the existing Crypterium Card UnionPay which is currently used by over 30,000 people across more than 150 countries around the world. The Crypterium […]

Binance Coin (BNB) Rallies 7%, Technicals Suggest Fresh Monthly High Above $19

Binance coin price is gaining bullish momentum above the $18.00 resistance against the USDT. BNB is trading in a nice uptrend and it could aim a break above the $18.99 monthly high. Binance coin price is up more than 7% and it recently broke the $18.00 resistance against the USDT. The price is likely to […]

Bitcoin Lacking Momentum Above $9,200, But Signs of Bullish Break Emerge

Bitcoin is slowly rising and trading above the $9,150 level against the US Dollar. BTC is struggling to gain bullish momentum above $9,200, but there are a few bullish signs emerging on charts. Bitcoin recovered above $9,200 and traded as high as $9,240. The price is currently trading nicely above the $9,150 level and the […]

Peter Schiff Doubles Down on Sentiment That Bitcoin Is a “Pyramid Scheme”

Despite a decade-long track record and growing adoption as a medium of exchange and store of value, Bitcoin is still seen as a pyramid scheme by some. One such individual that still sees the leading cryptocurrency in that light is Peter Schiff, the chief executive of Euro Pacific Capital and a long-time gold bull. Schiff […]

It’s “Open Air” for Bitcoin Down to $7,000 as Technical Weakness Mounts

Bitcoin has been flashing some signs of technical weakness as it hovers above the lower boundary of its long-held trading range between $9,000 and $10,000. Its inability to stabilize above the support that was previously established in the mid-$9,000 region does point to some underlying weakness amongst buyers. The lower boundary of the cryptocurrency’s trading […]

Ethereum Bears Will Get “Scorched” If This Pivotal Resistance Breaks

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has flatlined over the past few months. For just around eight weeks now, the leading altcoin has traded in between $230 and $240, barely deviating from these two levels. Yet an analyst expects a massive breakout should ETH break above an extremely close resistance level. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: Twitter’s “Bitcoin Scam,” […]

This Unexpected Signal Indicates Bitcoin Is About to See a Bull Trend

Bitcoin’s price action has been extremely boring over the past two months, with the leading cryptocurrency trading in a historically small range. Bulls, however, may soon get a boost as the premium between the Bitcoin spot market and the implied price of BTC determined by Grayscale investors has shrunk. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: Twitter’s “Bitcoin Scam,” […]

Here’s the Level Bitcoin Needs to Break to See a “Tesla Sized” Rally

Bitcoin’s boring price action seen throughout the past few months has caused its trading volume and liquidity to both dive lower. It appears that many traders are turning towards the more traditional markets to get their fix of volatility, with some equities like Tesla (TSLA) seeing massive rallies over the past couple of weeks. Although […]

Even After Going Parabolic, Ethereum DeFi Tokens Have Room to Grow in China

Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens have been all the rage over recent weeks, with some literally rallying parabolically. Take the example of Aave’s LEND, which has gained in excess of 184.8% in the past 30 days and 7,500% in the past year. Or take the example of Synthetix Network Token (SNX), which is also up […]

What Happens Next? Bitcoin Range Falls To Tightest Point In History

2020 has been a brutal year on all accounts, topped off by the most boring sideways action in Bitcoin yet. In fact, this truly is the most stagnant range in the history of the first-ever cryptocurrency, according to a range-measuring technical indicator. Bitcoin True Range Reaches Record-Setting Low Bitcoin price is trading at roughly $9,200. […]

Hackers Demand $7.5 Million in Monero Following Phone Company Hack

Reports have emerged that hackers are demanded $7.5 million in Monero following an attack on Telecom Argentina S.A, a major telecom provider that serves the north of the country. Argentina's major telephone company, Telecom, just got hacked. Hackers requesting a ransom of $7.5 million in Monero. $XMR pic.twitter.com/AGNvAXh1cg — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) July 19, 2020 […]

Analyst Fears a Drop as Ethereum Deposits Spike to Multi-Week Highs

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) has flatlined over recent weeks in an extremely tight range. For the leading altcoin, this range has been approximately $230-245. Bears may soon gain the upper hand as the on-chain and technical analysis case for Ethereum has purportedly flipped bearish. This comes at a pivotal time for Bitcoin, which is expected […]

Analyst: Bitcoin Looks Exactly As It did Prior to 2017’s 2,000% Rally

Multiple analyses have shown that Bitcoin looks primed to see a macro rally despite the ongoing uncertainty and lack of volatility. Related Reading: BTC Just Confirmed a Signal That Preceded Historical 5,000% Rallies Bitcoin Looks Extremely Similar to the Start of Previous Macro Rallies According to a cryptocurrency trader, the simple chart below explains why he […]

Ethereum Facing Uphill Task Near $240: Key Reasons Why It Could Tumble

Ethereum started a fresh decline from the $245 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price is currently correcting higher, but upsides are likely to remain capped near $238 and $240. ETH price is facing a strong resistance near $240 and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours) against the US Dollar. The bears are likely to […]

Bitcoin Trading Near Crucial Juncture: Here’s Why BTC Could Rally Above 100 SMA

Bitcoin is struggling to clear the main $9,200 resistance area against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to start a strong rally if it clears the $9,200 resistance and the 100 SMA (H4). Bitcoin is facing a strong resistance near the $9,200 level and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). The price could start a […]

Is Dogecoin Really a Valid Currency? Elon Musk Asks Bitcoin Twitter

Elon Musk has trolled the Bitcoin and wider crypto community once again: The Tesla and SpaceX chief executive just mentioned Dogecoin (DOGE) for the second day in a row on July 18th.  Elon Musk Mentions Dogecoin… Again Minutes ago as of this article’s writing, Musk sent out the tweet seen below. Attaching a picture of […]

This Technical Pattern Suggests Bitcoin Will Plunge Over 30% in Coming Weeks

Bitcoin appears to be in a somewhat precarious position, as a few technical factors are currently suggesting that it may soon see some notable near-term downside. One such technical factor suggesting that the crypto is poised to see notable near-term downside can be seen while looking towards a fractal pattern it has been developing over […]

These 4 Signs Suggest Bitcoin Is on the Verge of a Massive Move Higher

Bitcoin has continued to flatline for the umpteenth week in a row. As of this article’s writing, the leading cryptocurrency trades just a few basis points below $9,200. Despite the unpredictability of this market, a cryptocurrency trader remains certain that a move higher is likely. Related Reading: Crypto Tidbits: Twitter’s “Bitcoin Scam,” Elon Musk & Dogecoin, […]

Analyst: Bitcoin to See One Final Downtrend Before Bull Run Begins

Bitcoin’s intense consolidation phase may soon draw to a close, as multiple technical patterns are now suggesting that some massive volatility is imminent. This potential trend-defining movement comes after months of range-bound trading between $9,000 and $10,000. Throughout the past few weeks, this trading range has narrowed to between $9,000 and $9,300, with both buyers […]

Buy Signals On Bitcoin and Ethereum Could Bring Sudden End To Sideways Trend

While the rest of the crypto market has been soaring, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been trending sideways. The tightening price action has led to boredom and record low volatility. But a buy signal on each of these two most dominant crypto assets could lead to a sudden change in trend, and hopefully an end to […]

Crucial On-Chain Metric Signals a Bitcoin Bull Run May Be Drawing Near

As the price of Bitcoin has risen and more individuals have entered the space, an increasing number of BTC has been held in exchange addresses. This trend is likely a byproduct of the arrival of less-technically inclined investors, coupled with the rise of altcoins. Fortunately for bulls, data shows that the aggregate amount of Bitcoin […]

“Have Your Popcorn Ready”: Bitcoin Volatility Is At Extreme Lows

Shunning Bitcoin’s lack of trend, altcoins have seen extreme volatility over recent weeks. Take the example of Chainlink (LINK), a community-favorite altcoin that is up by around 450% since the March lows. Although it has just recently set a new all-time high, the asset has seen multiple days where it swings back and forth between […]

‘Big Tech’ Pullback Explains Why Bitcoin Rally Has Paused in Q3

Bitcoin rally has paused ahead of the “Big Tech” earnings report next week. Despite logging a massive growth in the second quarter, a veteran analyst sees Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix at overbought valuations. He expects a minor stock pullback in the Big Tech shares, which makes 18 percent of the US stock […]

Crypto Tidbits: Twitter’s “Bitcoin Scam,” Elon Musk & Dogecoin, Institutions Want BTC & ETH

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. It’s been another boring week for Bitcoin. This may sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s true. As the chart below shows, the leading cryptocurrency has again been stuck in the low-$9,000s for days on end, failing to react to news events and technicals. Chart of […]

Institutions are Pouring $57.8M into Bitcoin Each Week, New Report Reveals

Bitcoin’s price has been stagnant for the past few months, but this hasn’t stopped institutions from pouring money into the benchmark digital asset. According to a new report from Grayscale, the company has been seeing massive institutional inflows into its BTC Trust, averaging at $43.8 million per week throughout the first half of 2020. Surprisingly, […]

Asked About Bitcoin, Elon Musk Just Joked He “Only Sells Dogecoin”

It’s been a crazy past few days on Twitter for the Bitcoin and crypto industry. The accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Kanye West, and other prominent celebrities and names/entites in the cryptocurrency space were hacked to promote a scam involving Bitcoin. For those that don’t remember, the hackers posted tweets from these high-level accounts […]

Bitcoin Could Soon Fall to the $7,000s as Price Loses Pivotal Support

Despite volatility in global stock markets, Bitcoin has remained relatively stagnant over recent days. Case in point: FTX’s BVOL token, which tracks volatility, is reaching all-time lows. Further corroborating this, the Bitcoin Bollinger Bands are at lows not seen since November 2018, just days before the 50% crash to the $3,000s. Yet technicals show that […]