PayPal Picks Paxos to Supply Crypto for New Service, Sources Say

PayPal has chosen Paxos to handle the new service’s supply of digital assets, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Crypto Long & Short: Why the Twitter Hack Was Good for Bitcoin (and It’s Not the Media Attention)

Yes, the Twitter hack was basically a giant bitcoin scam. But the fallout is showing the world the strengths of cryptocurrency and decentralization.

Are Stablecoins Eurodollars 2.0? Long Reads Sunday

Long Reads Sunday features two essays previously published on CoinDesk that show the trajectory of stablecoins in the global economy in 2020.

The Origins of the World’s Oldest Bitcoin Metric, Explained

Bitcoin days destroyed (BDD) was first introduced as a concept back in 2011. At the time, it had only been two years since the creation of the world’s first cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Individuals were already beginning to innovate ways to measure on-chain transaction activity and value.

Social Media Is Democracy’s Faultline: The Breakdown Weekly Recap

From PayPal crypto confirmed to action in central bank digital currencies, these were six themes shaping the week.

Novel Charts Dark Side of ICO Mania

Haydn Wilks' latest novel examines the cryptomania of the 2017 ICO boom.

Market Wrap: Derivatives, Altcoins Take Market Spotlight as Bitcoin Dozes at $9,100

Derivatives and altcoins are providing excitement as bitcoin spot trading stays dull.

Third Centra Tech Founder Pleads Guilty to ICO Fraud

Centra Tech one of the most storied scams of the the 2017 ICO bubble. Its founders have fallen like dominoes since.

Colorado Is Betting on ETHDenver and Web 3 for Its Next Lottery Games

Eyeing a billion-dollar revenue goal by 2023, the state-run lottery is getting creative with its game offerings.

What If the Too-Strong Dollar Is a Solved Problem? Feat. Jon Turek

Finance writer Jon Turek argues that between Federal Reserve swap lines, Europe stabilization and a few other factors, the strong dollar problem may be (temporarily) solved.

Twitter Hacker Is Mixing Bitcoin Loot Using a Wasabi Wallet, Elliptic Says

According to the crypto analytics firm, 2.89 bitcoin associated with Wednesday’s security breach was moved to a Wasabi wallet late last night.

Money Reimagined: This Isn’t Good for Bitcoin

This week's Twitter hack won't make it easier for the crypto industry to win friends in Washington D.C., with possible implications for DeFi and more. How we talk about events like this matters.

Malaysia Crackdown Unlikely to Affect Binance, eToro

Malaysia’s financial watchdog has said Binance and eToro don’t comply with the country’s securities law; it’s unlikely to make much of a difference to their local operations, however.

The DOJ Wants to Hire a Crypto Crime Attorney Adviser

The Department of Justice wants to hire an attorney adviser to specialize in cryptocurrency, dark web and hacking criminal cases.

Blockchain Bites: Binance’s Bitcoin Mining, ConsenSys’ Legal Trouble and Why Politicians Blame Twitter, Not Bitcoin

Binance will consolidate its bitcoin mining, ConsenSys is accused of intellectual property theft and Wonder Woman's illustrator will sell art on Ethereum.

US Agency Says Chinese Drug Traffickers Used Bitcoin to Launder Proceeds

The U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control has sanctioned four Chinese residents, claiming they helped launder drug proceeds using bitcoin.

IRS Seeks Elliptic’s Crypto Tracing Software in Response to COVID-19

President Donald J. Trump invoked the Stafford act in March, authorizing federal agency funding.

Twitter Doesn’t Need Web 3.0 to Solve Its Identity Problem

The great Twitter hack does not herald the end of the centralized web. But we need stronger cryptography for social media.

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 17, 2020

With Binance expanding its miner ambitions and Thailand's CBDC seeing early use, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another bitcoin news roundup.

Aave’s LEND Token Is Now Up 1,600% in 2020

The native token of the decentralized lender Aave has risen by over 100% this month alone.

‘Wonder Woman’ Illustrator Jose Delbo to Release Comic Book on the Blockchain

Noted DC Comics illustrator Jose Delbo is releasing limited-edition artworks on a blockchain-powered platform this month.

First Mover: Why Bitcoin Traders Couldn’t Give a Sat About the Twitter Hack

Bitcoin barely moved on this week’s Twitter hack. Here's what analysts said about why the attack had such little effect on prices.

Crypto Wallet Provider Sylo Targets Growing India Market Through Exchange Partnership

Digital wallet provider Sylo has teamed up with India-based exchange Bitbns aiming to serve the nation's revitalized cryptocurrency market.

Thailand Already Using Central Bank’s Digital Currency

Thailand's digital currency is backed by the central bank’s foreign currency reserves, which have grown by $25 billion over the past 12 months.

Twitter Says Hacker Group Targeted 130 Accounts

The group behind Wednesday’s Twitter hack targeted up to 130 accounts and managed to gain full control of a smaller subset.

BlockFi Hires Former Deutsche Bank, Barclays Alum as General Counsel

The crypto lending platform has hired banking veteran Jonathan Mayers as general counsel in a bid to stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

Binance Pool Poised to Grab More Bitcoin Hash Rate in Russia and Central Asia

Binance is looking to consolidate more bitcoin mining hashrate to its pool in Russia and the Central Asia region.

What Does the Twitter Hack Mean for Bitcoin? Crypto Reacts

Is the Twitter hack a watershed moment to decentralized social media? Does it reinforce negative stereotypes of Bitcoin only being used in crime? CoinDesk asked crypto luminaries to see what they think.

In the Aftermath of Hack, Lawmakers Blame Twitter, Not Bitcoin

Lawmakers are calling on Twitter to answer for a hack that shook the platform, focusing on cybersecurity rather than scapegoating cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Custodian Curv Is Helping Institutions Dabble in DeFi With Compound Integration

Custody startup Curv is using Compound, the leading lending protocol in DeFi, to help institutions earn interest on idle crypto.