Following OCC Letter, Some US Banks Appear Open to Providing Crypto Services

Nationally regulated banks want the OCC to clarify just how and when they can provide cryptocurrency services, hinting traditional financial institutions are paying close attention to the space.

First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?

So called stablecoins have been tanking in bitcoin terms lately. Should we be calling them "crypto-dollars" instead?

India May Be Starting Its Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Yet

India’s crypto trade volumes have soared since the Supreme Court of India lifted banking restrictions for exchanges in March. According to Coin Dance's Paxful and LocalBitcoins volume data, India’s bitcoin peer-to-peer trade volume reached an all-time high in July.

Blockchain to Play ‘Essential Role’ in Farming Supply Chains, Says US Government

An agency attached to the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it expects blockchain will play an important role in the sector's supply chains.

Australian Woman Jailed for Theft of More Than 100,000 XRP

The 25-year-old received an over two-year sentence for the 2018 theft of XRP worth around $300,000 at the time.

China’s Blockchain Infrastructure Launches Website for Global Devs

China's Blockchain-Based Service Network has launched an English-language website for international decentralized app developers.

How a Decentralized Randomness Beacon Could Boost Cryptographic Security

Filecoin will be the first protocol to use this production-ready version of drand to create decentralized, verifiable randomness for “leader selection.”

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $12K; DeFi Debt Outstanding Hits Record

Bitcoin’s back on the price roller coaster and DeFi borrowing is hitting a new high.

Facebook Taps David Marcus to Lead Payments Initiatives

Marcus will continue running Libra's Novi digital wallet as he takes on Facebook Financial.

Mining Stocks Are Beating Bitcoin in a Bullish Cryptocurrency Market

Riot and Marathon have rallied 97% and 128% over the past year while Bitcoin as gained 3 percent.

Ethereum Classic’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Ethereum Classic suffered two 51% attacks in the same week. One week later, exchanges, investors and developers are split on the implications.

The Latest on the Global Economy’s Most Contentious Relationship

China and the U.S. trade high-profile sanctions, but the real impact is showing up in banks and on the Hong Kong stock market.

After Tumultuous Election, Belarus Goes Offline

Internet is down in Belarus as people are protesting the results of presidential election

Interactive Brokers to Pay $38M in Settlement Over AML Lapses

Publicly traded brokerage firm Interactive Brokers has agreed to pay multi-million dollar penalties to the SEC, FINRA and CFTC for failure to flag suspicious transactions and lapses in AML compliance.

Blockchain Bites: Inside Cosmos, Bitcoin at $200B, DeFi Surges

Traders are expecting bitcoin to go higher. DeFi is surging in web traffic. And Cosmos is alive and well, despite internal feuding.

Three Crypto Analysis Firms Advance in ‘TechSprint’ RegTech Competition

The fintech showcase has three $50,000 cash prizes for three regtech focus areas.

Coinbase Snags Lyft Engineering Executive Manish Gupta

Gupta will help Coinbase 'through the next phase of company growth.'

Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 10, 2020

With the price of bitcoin knocking on $12K, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another time-saving news roundup.

Researchers Find Flaws in Security Protocols Developed by Major Crypto Exchanges

Private key protocols for some crypto exchanges have been implemented with bugs that could have been exploited by a well-placed malicious party, researchers say.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Dropped 58% Last Week as Congestion Eased

The cost of transacting on the Bitcoin blockchain fell sharply last week as the network reverted to less frantic levels of activity.

The Fourth Era of Blockchain Governance

Blockchain systems have clear business advantages, but systemic governance design is key to building enterprise involvement.

First Mover: Bitcoin Hits $12K as Trump Orders Checks for Unemployed (Voters)

Bitcoin pushed above $12,000 as President Donald Trump ordered emergency economic aid measures that might just be a precursor to a new spending bill worth trillions of dollars. 

Blockchain-Based Trademark App Can Boost Australian Economy, Says Minister

Australia's rugby league is using a blockchain-based app to stop counterfeit goods; a government minister has said it could help grow the national economy.

Dapp Platform NEAR Protocol Taps Ontology’s Expertise for Decentralized Identity Effort

NEAR will leverage Ontology's expertise for the development and deployment of its decentralized digital identifier.

Bitcoin Closes on Yearly High With Return to $12K

Bitcoin is on the hunt for a new yearly high, having crossed above $12,000 early Monday.

Messaging Firm LINE Makes Own Token Available to Japanese Traders for First Time

The blockchain subsidiary of the messaging app giant has made its LINK (LN) token available to Japan-based traders for the first time.

Cosmos’ Founding Team Broke Up Early This Year. The Project Didn’t

How Cosmos, the blockchain interoperability project that turned a small ICO into a thriving ecosystem, survived the breakup of its founding team.

Crypto Long & Short: 51% Attacks and Open-Source Value

Ethereum Classic's recent 51% attacks highlight the value of large open-source networks such as Bitcoin and Eth – it’s about more than hashrate.

Link’s Trading Volume on Coinbase Surpasses That of Bitcoin

Chainlink's link token has surged past bitcoin, becoming the most traded cryptocurrency of the past 24 hours on Coinbase Pro.

How the Purpose of Public Markets Has Changed

Long Reads Sunday features excerpts about public and private markets, the new bitcoin bull market, and DJ Marshmello.